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Jingdong Enterprise Wireless Screening Project

Bijie is a tailor-made enterprise wireless projection device for Jingdon. It integrates Bijie wireless projection technology with Jingdong enterprise management system. More than 1,000 conference rooms have deployed Bijie’s wireless projection equipment. Bijie is the only supplier of wireless projection solutions in Jingdon.

Haier smart chip wireless projection integration

Bijie provides chip-level wireless projection solutions for Haier chips, and empowers Haier’s smart set-top box chips. The two sides have signed strategic cooperation agreements twice.

MCC's wireless projection customization

Bijie provides the wireless projection screen solution for the “light push” intelligent office system of MCC Group.The intelligent office system is a multi-functional process management and enterprise management system independently developed by MCC.independently developed by MCC.

Accenture China Wireless Project

Bijie and Accenture China provides wireless conference screen products for corporate conference rooms, covering more than 100 smart conference rooms in the Asia Pacific region.

Osram City Lighting Project Video Image Wireless Projection System

Bijie has developed a set of urban lighting engineering video image wireless projection system based on wireless projection technology for OSRAM. It can control and wirelessly deliver video images to building lighting display system through Pad.