1. Connect Miracast Receiver(Sink) To Your TV

Connect the BJ60 or BJ62 box of BiJie Networks to your TV or display via HDMI cable as shown in the figure.

Your TV may need to switch the input signal to display the output signal of the BJ60 or BJ62.

2. Find Miracast Menu on Your Android Device

Since mobile phone manufacturers have more customizations for Android systems, the names and entries of Miracast options are different. The following is an example of an Android phone with a high market share.

Native Android Phone.

Way 1: In “Settings”->”Display”->”Cast”

Way 2: In “Android drop down menu”, Click “Cast” Button


In “Android drop down menu”, Click “Smart View” Button


Way1:Settings->Device Connection->Multi-screen

Way2:In “Android drop down menu”, Click “Multi-screen” Button

3. Scan and Connect Receiver

Find The BJ Box receiver, and click it to connect to the receiver

4. Multi-Source Effect

About BiJie

Suzhou BiJie Networks Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BiJie) is a leading provider of enterprise smart office products and solutions. It is committed to helping companies and educating customers solve office productivity and communication problems with wireless projection, video conferencing and rich smart office products. Manage the puzzles and make everything easier.



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