With several wireless streaming devices on the market, how do you know which one to buy? Here we focus on Cynap Pure vs BJ72. Learn which device is right for your needs.

So, what’s the difference between a WolfVision Cynap Pure and an BiJie Interactive Box BJ72? We get this question frequently and want to give a fair comparison between the two.

They’re both wireless devices that offer streaming between a computer or mobile device to screens and projectors with HDMI ports. How each device accomplishes this and for what purpose, however, is the key difference.


  • BJ72 support Airplay(for iOS/Mac),Miracast(for Android Phone),WiDi(for Win8/10), GoogleCast(for Chrome/ChromeBook),DLNA(for all streaming app),BJCast(for BiJie APP). Cynap just support Airplay/Miracast/WiDi.
  • BJ72 offers a free platform for managing an unlimited number of devices from the Cloud. Cynap does not offer a device management tool.
  • BJ72 support multi-box interactive. can transmit video/andio between master BJ72 and slave BJ72. Cynap don’t support.
  • BJ72 and Cynap supports up to 4 devices cast screens and present 4 device screens simultaneously.
  • BJ72 provides SDK for third party development. Cynap don’t support.
  • BJ72’s list price is US$1299, and Cynap Pure’s list price is US$4000

Wireless Projection Comparison

Both BJ72 and Cynap have basic wireless screen projection function.

BJ72 has electronic whiteboard and annotation function, scan code projection screen and short code projection screen function, and also has guest screen projection function (implemented through USB transmitter).

But Cynap don’t has  these features.

Centralized Manage Platform


  • Can be privatized for deployment
  • Provides up to 6 levels of group management for configuration, statistics, and maintenance of groups and boxes
  • Can provide configuration,for the box, box usage statistics, box reboot,upgrade,and etc.



Miracast Comparison


  • if the wifi is in station mode,  the miracast in cynap is not active
  • if the wifi in ap mode, the miracast is also not active.
  • if the miracast is active, it can supply ap,but the ssid and password can not be modified.


  • the wifi mode is in station, the miracast is also active.
  • the wifi mode s in ap, the miracast is also active.
  • the ssid and password of ap can be modified.

Multiple Devices Display


BJ72 and Cynap support up to 4 devices cast screens and present 4 device screens simultaneously. the devices can be iPhone/iPad/Mac compute/Android Phone/Android Pad/Windows compute. just like this:
4-displays in BJ72


Multi-Box Wireless Interactive

BJ72 support multi-box interactive. it can transmit video/andio between master BJ72 and slave BJ72. This is useful in education.

But Cynap don’t support.

multi-box interactive

Detailed Parameter Comparison

 BiJie BJ72WolfVision Cynap Pure
List Price$1,299$4,000
google castYN
Native Windows 10/8.1 MiracastYY
Native macOS/iOS Airplay MirrorYY
Native Android 4.2+ MiracastYY
Win7 APP MirrorYY
macOS APP Mirror YN
USB Transmitter for mac/windowsYN
iOS APP MirrorYN
Android APP MirrorYY
Extended DesktopNN
Select DesktopYN
App Windows MirrorNN
Reserve Mirror on WEBNY
Reserve Mirror on APPNY
QR code to MirrorYN
short code to MirrorYN
white broadYN
APP analog laser pointerNN
Moderator ModeYN
Support Video/Picture in APPNN
Control Screen in APPNY
Multi-Box CollaborationYN
Simultaneous Presenters on Screen44
Intuitive Drag & Drop User InterfaceYN
 touch screen reverse controlYY
Management APIY 
Centralized ManagementYN
Deployment MonitoringYN
Meeting AnalyticsYN
Built-in Wireless802.11ac
Wireless Channel and Power SelectionYY
Built-in Wired NetworkingRJ45 100MRJ45 1000M
Wired Video InputNN
Audio OutputY 
Video OutputHDMI 4KHDMI 4K
Display Control CEC,IR(Optional) 
Power Input5V 2A19V/3.42
Internal Storage2GB RAM
Opetating Temperature-15℃-75℃0-40℃


BJ72 and Cynap are both oriented to the commercial field and can be widely used in corporate offices and school classrooms with powerful and stable functions.

However, the B72 is obviously richer in terms of functions, has the capacity for large-scale deployment and management, and also has the ability to perform multi-screen interaction in smart classrooms, and the price is cheaper.

So the cost performance of BJ72 is more high.


Johnny C · March 18, 2020 at pm3:06

We’ve got a Cynap Pure already and it’s really awesome – your details and comparison are not accurate and we only paid 11,500 RMB. Better check the correct WolfVision specs here: https://wolfvision.com/vsolution/index.php/en/presentation-systems/cynap/cynap-pure

    bijienetwork · March 18, 2020 at pm4:44

    thank you very much
    We will be check the list price again

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